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Bitcoin: Highest since 2021

Bitcoin has surpassed $50,000

The reigning cryptocurrency is steadily growing. The last time such a bullish trend was observed was a year ago.. Experts respond positively....


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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Fed: The key to bitcoin forecasting

How the Fed anticipates bitcoin hikes

The situation on the cryptocurrency market is ambiguous. On the one hand, nothing new is happening, on the other hand, investors are gradually losing ...


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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Water flowing out of the investment portfolio

Investing in water in the stock market: stable income?

Water is a valuable resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Investing in water-related companies can be a profitable and environmentally friend...


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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AI for Forex trading

How AI is boosting profits

Neural networks and machine learning models can make trades in seconds and generate big profits. Learn how to use them and stay ahead of the curve!...


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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Cryptocurrency card - an idea for a New Year's gift

7 platforms offering cryptocurrency gift cards

A cryptocurrency card is a truly modern and practical gift for the holidays. If you're looking for something to give your family or friends for the ne...


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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Forex and Stock Market: Advantages and Disadvantages

Forex vs. Stock Market which market is right for you?

Forex and stock market are two of the world's largest financial markets that offer traders and investors opportunities for profit....


profile-iconPiotr Skowroński

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