Gradient Corporation Limited: Unveiling a Forex Trading Scam

Gradient Corporation Limited is scam-broker?


Forex trading has gained immense popularity in recent years, attracting both seasoned investors and novices looking to capitalize on the global currency market. However, amidst the legitimate brokers and trustworthy platforms, there are fraudulent entities that exploit unsuspecting traders. Gradient Corporation Limited is one such scammer that has been deceiving individuals and tarnishing the reputation of the Forex industry. In this article, we will delve into the deceptive practices of Gradient Corporation Limited and shed light on the warning signs that traders should be aware of.

The Deceptive Website

A crucial aspect of assessing a broker's credibility is evaluating their website. When it comes to Gradient Corporation Limited, their website raises several red flags. The website is poorly designed, with a template that is identical to other notorious fraudulent brokers. It is riddled with errors and lacks integration with essential services required for seamless trading in the stock market. Additionally, Gradient Corporation Limited fails to provide any documentation, and contacting their customer support is virtually impossible. The absence of mobile trading capabilities and numerous negative reviews further indicate the dishonest practices of this broker.

Dubious Regulatory Claims

Gradient Corporation Limited has managed to attract the attention of international regulators and has even found itself on blacklists within a month of its existence. However, a closer look reveals that the claimed regulators are non-existent organizations, and their alleged registration remains unverified. Moreover, the absence of a secure connection on the website poses a significant risk to clients' data, potentially leading to leaks and unauthorized access by third parties.

False Information and Manipulation

One of the most alarming aspects of Gradient Corporation Limited is its consistent dissemination of false information and technical manipulations. The company regularly publishes fabricated reports, outdated quotes, and manipulated statistics to confuse traders. By misleading them, Gradient Corporation Limited ensures that traders make erroneous decisions and engage in unprofitable trades, resulting in financial losses.

Unreliable Financial Operations

Gradient Corporation Limited offers questionable payment methods and an unreliable trading account. It lacks the conventional payment systems and a proper user agreement. The website frequently experiences slowdowns, and order executions are excessively delayed. Traders have reported automatic closure of positions without prior notice. More concerning is the inability to withdraw funds from one's account, as highlighted in various negative reviews. Gradient Corporation Limited's deceptive tactics lure individuals with promises of low commissions and substantial profits, only to trap them in unfavorable conditions, penalizing inactivity, and even blocking access to personal accounts.

Suspicious Website Attributes

Examining the Gradient Corporation Limited website further unveils additional suspicious attributes. The absence of information about the platform on the internet and its limited visibility in search engines raise doubts about its legitimacy. The recently registered domain lacks a secure connection, and the interface is far from user-friendly. The website lacks clear categorization, and active buttons often malfunction. Furthermore, numerous typographical errors, including unreadable fonts, absence of payment system details, and missing information about the company itself, contribute to the overall sense of suspicion. Notably, the website includes:

  • A link to download third-party software.
  • Access to terms and conditions only after registration.
  • Incomplete pages throughout the website.
  • No legal address or privacy policy.
  • Absence of encryption for data protection.
  • Requiring account and e-wallet numbers for payment.

Unreliable Trading Environment

Aside from the website's inadequacies, the trading environment provided by Gradient Corporation Limited is far from trustworthy. The site experiences prolonged loading times, graphical discrepancies, and the absence of up-to-date news. Expert comments appear dubious, and the quoted prices significantly deviate from market rates. Intrusive advertisements frequently disrupt the user experience. Moreover, the user interface's unappealing color scheme, coupled with the potential for account blockage without warning, raises serious concerns. The absence of two-factor authentication further compromises the security of traders' accounts.

Exposing the Scam

Multiple factors indicate that Gradient Corporation Limited is nothing more than a fraudulent operation aimed at deceiving unsuspecting traders. The company's lack of adherence to industry standards, absence of a proper user agreement, and the insecure website connection are telltale signs of a scam. The delay in executing orders, withdrawal fees, dubious payment methods, and automatic closure of positions without notice further highlight the company's unethical practices. Additionally, Gradient Corporation Limited's lack of transparency, non-existent regulatory oversight, and the requirement to register before accessing terms and conditions contribute to its deceptive nature. The promise of instant profits, publication of false data, absence of verified technical and financial instruments, and a plethora of negative reviews further substantiate the claims against Gradient Corporation Limited.

Why You Should Avoid Gradient Corporation Limited

It is imperative to exercise caution and avoid any involvement with Gradient Corporation Limited. The company's legality remains unverified, relying on automated bots to publish deceptive positive reviews while genuine clients report non-payment of funds. Gradient Corporation Limited employs aggressive marketing tactics, employing hidden numbers to intimidate and pressure individuals. Their behavior is unapologetically brazen, often resorting to false advertising on social media platforms and making unrealistic claims.

To summarize, here are the reasons why you should steer clear of Gradient Corporation Limited:

  1. Failure to meet market standards.
  2. Lack of a legitimate user agreement.
  3. Insecure website connection.
  4. Order execution delays.
  5. Withdrawal fees.
  6. Unreliable payment methods.
  7. Automatic closure of positions without prior notice.
  8. Lack of risk disclosure.
  9. Limited visibility on search engines.
  10. Recent establishment of the brand.
  11. Artificial demand creation.
  12. Concealment of contact and legal information.
  13. Lack of regulatory oversight.
  14. Access to terms and conditions only after registration.
  15. Promise of instant profits.
  16. Publication of false data.
  17. Absence of verified technical and financial instruments.
  18. Abundance of negative reviews.
  19. Poor reputation and outstanding debts to clients.


Gradient Corporation Limited operates as a fraudulent entity, preying on unsuspecting individuals seeking to venture into the Forex market. The absence of legal validation, reliable regulatory oversight, and adherence to industry standards make Gradient Corporation Limited a scam to avoid. Traders should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any broker to ensure the safety of their investments and protect themselves from falling victim to Forex trading scams. Stay informed, be vigilant, and choose reputable brokers with a proven track record of trustworthiness and transparency.


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