1Gagne: Forex Deceiver

1Gagne scam company review


Nowadays, a lot of investors are looking to make money in Forex, but not all brokers are trustworthy. In this article, we will deal with one of them - 1Gagne. This forex broker is a scam that attracts clients with empty promises of instant earnings. Instead of providing reliable services and support, 1Gagne pursues its own interests without paying attention to the losses and disappointment of its clients.

Ambiguous website

The first impression of 1Gagne broker is when you visit its website. However, the company's website raises serious doubts about its quality and reliability. From the poor design to the lack of important information, 1Gagne does not create trust among potential clients.

The website lacks a user-friendly interface, making it difficult to navigate and find necessary information.

The absence of important sections such as "About Us", "Contact Us" and "Data Privacy Policy" is suspicious.

The presence of typos and errors on the pages of the site indicates a careless attitude of the company to its image and professionalism.

Lack of regulation and licensing

Trust in a forex broker is impossible without official registration and licensing. Unfortunately, 1Gagne cannot provide proof of their status as a regulated broker. Their website lists non-existent organizations as regulators and registration is not confirmed. This is a clear violation of market requirements and undermines the company's credibility.

Manipulation and unfair practices

1Gagne is known for its manipulations and unfair practices aimed at deceiving traders and misappropriating their funds. The broker regularly publishes false reports, irrelevant quotes and made-up statistics to confuse traders and make them make wrong decisions. This leads to the loss of clients' funds.

Questionable terms and poor quality of service

1Gagne offers clients to use questionable ways of financial transactions, such as questionable checking account and e-wallets. In addition, they do not provide a normal user agreement and their website is frequently moving, which leads to delays in order execution. Traders also face automatic closing of positions without warning. Clients complain about the inability to withdraw funds from their account, and access to the personal cabinet can be blocked at any time.

Reputation and customer reviews

The broker 1Gagne has a bad reputation among traders. A lot of customers express dissatisfaction and disappointment in its services. They note the lack of payouts, aggressive behavior of employees and psychological pressure on clients. Reviews also indicate that 1Gagne actively publishes false positive reviews to create an illusion of reliability and attract new clients.


1Gagne is a forex broker that is not trustworthy. They use manipulation, unfair practices and false promises to defraud traders and misappropriate their funds. Lack of regulation and licensing, poor service quality and bad reputation make them an unreliable partner in the financial market. When choosing a forex broker, you should be careful and pay attention to the company's reputation and reliability.


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