Forex broker SaberX - scammers

Broker SaberX

Hello, today we will tell you about scammers who pretend to be Forex broker - SaberX.

How do SaberX scammers work?

Searching for potential victims

Scammers find potential victims in the following ways:


  1. phone calls. Such SaberX "brokers", often have their own underground call centers, which work on databases with personal data that were stolen or bought on the darknet;
  2. Social media advertising. These are usually shouty, intrusive ads or banners that promise quick, guaranteed earnings without putting in any effort;
  3. Referral programs. Victims of scammers, often believe the promises of profits and are sure that SaberX is an honest broker that fulfills its obligations. Therefore, they invite their friends and relatives, thereby providing scammers with new potential victims.

Money Extortion

Having established a connection with a potential victim, employees of the broker-fraudster SaberX, promises unrealistically favorable terms of cooperation, instant payments, no commissions, high leverage, etc.

All these promises are made with one purpose - to make the victim transfer money to the fraudsters' account. After that, the money disappears, as the victim has no real access to Forex trading. Often the scammers do not even try to pretend that the money disappeared due to unsuccessful trading. SaberX has nothing to do with Forex, so by transferring money to them you are guaranteed to lose it.

Often SaberX penalizes its clients and blocks their accounts for violating some clauses in the user agreement. In this case, all requests with requirements to explain in detail what rules the user has violated - ignored.

Evidence that SaberX is not a Forex broker but a scammer


  1. SaberX has no registration documents, which are necessary for brokerage activity. 2;
  2. SaberX offer conditions that are unrealistic for a legitimate brokerage organization;
  3. SaberX has no properly registered legal entity, no contact information, thanks to which it would be possible to hold them legally responsible;
  4. There are already reviews about SaberX online that confirm that they are scammers.

How do I get my money back from SaberX?

No matter what, there is a way to get back the money you gave to the scammers. To do so, follow the link in the video description and leave your contact information.


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