The Alarm Bells of International Securities: A Cautionary Tale

International Securities scammer review

The landscape of trading is riddled with predators waiting to exploit the unassuming trader. The bridge between your transactions and the stock market is the broker. A broker's integrity directly affects your earnings. Regrettably, duplicitous entities, like International Securities, are rampant, performing technical manipulations and fabricating news.

The Red Flags of International Securities

International Securities has left a trail of disgruntled clients. The internet is awash with negative feedback pointing to the untrustworthiness of this service. This broker, devoid of valid licences, behaves unprofessionally, violates regulator norms, and fails to disburse payments. Their support is non-responsive, their website quality is subpar.

The Illusion of Low Risks and Commissions

International Securities lures unsuspecting traders with the promise of low commissions and risk-free trading. However, this Forex-broker is a master of deception, offering unclear user agreements and operating without proper credentials.

The Mirage of Longevity and Success

The service claims to have been in operation for several years, boasting millions of opened accounts. Yet, these claims do not align with the fact that it surfaced barely a month ago.

The Underbelly of International Securities

There are several tell-tale signs that this Forex-broker is a scammer. International Securities lacks legal documentation to legitimize its operations. Their website lacks any legal information, and they never provide financial reports. The company's history is full of gaps and inaccuracies. The website often lags, and the staff displays a high level of incompetence.

The International Securities Reviews

This broker has been noted to use bots to post 'positive' reviews. Moreover, International Securities has been caught red-handed manipulating prices. They artificially inflate or reduce the price of certain stocks, generating false signals for depositors and simulating market demand.

The Spread of False Information

International Securities regularly publishes false reports and recommendations on their website and social media accounts, misleading traders.

Spurious Trading Practices

The broker feigns futures purchase/sale orders at a lower cost, creating a false impression of a price drop.

Artificial Demand Creation

International Securities employs computer programs for buying and selling, allowing them to influence the prices of financial instruments and increase investor interest.

The Use of Fictitious Investment Schemes

The company guarantees instant income through investment in non-existent products. They also consistently display false client results.

The Dubious Operations of International Securities

International Securities, the scammer, operates under a veil of secrecy. They exaggerate profit margins and propose dubious withdrawal methods. The employees initiate contact, aggressively pushing their services. They make unrealistic offers, attempting to bait potential customers with the promise of large profits and low percentages. The company operates without regulatory oversight, and their registration details are concealed.

Why You Shouldn't Trust International Securities

The service has a slew of negative client reviews. Almost none could withdraw their money, and many experienced undue pressure from the broker's staff. The customer support is non-functional, and mobile trading is underdeveloped. Moreover, additional fees not mentioned in the agreement were levied.

The Hidden User Agreement

The user agreement of International Securities is hidden, and licenses, legal documents, and contact information are not available on the website.

The Violation of Regulatory Standards

The company flouts regulatory standards, consistently deceiving clients, failing to fulfill obligations, making unsolicited calls, and not processing payments. Dealing with this broker will only lead to financial losses. International Securities is a scammer that you should steer clear of.


In the world of trading, where your success hinges on the broker, it is prudent to stay alert and informed. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts, do your research, and stay wary of entities like International Securities.



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