DEGIRO is a reputable beige broker in 2024

Stockbroker DEGIRO: A reliable platform for investments

Founded in 2008, DEGIRO is a European stockbroker for all categories of investors. Initially, the company focused exclusively on professional clients. In 2013, DEGIRO started offering its services to retail investors in the Netherlands.

Today, the online broker is available in 18 European countries for investors looking for a reliable platform, a variety of products and competitive rates. In addition to easy and low-cost access to stocks and ETFs, DEGIRO takes it a step further by offering a range of products to satisfy more experienced investors. The platform provides access to futures, options and turbos (leveraged exchange-traded products).

What makes DEGIRO a reputable stockbroker in 2024


  • Access to a wide range of products including futures and options;
  • Comprehensive platform with advanced indicators;
  • Free brokerage commission on a range of ETFs;
  • Mobile app and web interface.


  • Less suitable for beginners;
  • Inability to buy fractional shares;

Products offered

DEGIRO is so often mentioned among the best stock brokers of 2024 because it offers access to a wide range of financial products, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and access advanced trading capabilities. The broker offers stocks, bonds, ETFs, options and futures in numerous international markets. This diversity of products is an important advantage for investors looking to expand their investment horizons beyond borders and basic investment products.

DEGIRO's competitive order-dependent fees place the company among the best brokers. There are no custody, deposit, withdrawal or inactivity fees. Currency exchange fees are 0.25 per cent, and you can keep cash in your currency account and convert manually.

When placing orders, the fees are split into brokerage and management fees. Brokerage fees range from €1 to €5 per trade, depending on the platform chosen. They are €0.75 for options and futures and €0.50 for warrants. Added to this is a management fee of €1 per transaction. DEGIRO's biggest advantage is that brokerage commissions are not charged on a large proportion of ETFs.

Why choose DEGIRO

The range of products offered by DEGIRO exceeds that of most stockbrokers. Offering futures, options, derivatives and leverage, DEGIRO reaches an additional category of investors who don't want to settle for just stocks and ETFs.

The DEGIRO platform can be accessed via a mobile app or PC version. The strength of this stockbroker is the comprehensive interface, which is simple enough for beginners and detailed enough for the more experienced. It includes technical indicators, market information and an easy to use interface.

More comprehensive than Trade Republic, it will satisfy investors who want to deepen their trading practice and learn more about various quantitative indicators. You will also find news here to keep up to date with the latest developments related to your portfolio and the assets you are interested in. A key differentiator between DEGIRO and other online brokers is DEGIRO's commitment to bring investment knowledge to its users.

Thus, DEGIRO is the preferred brokerage platform for both investors and traders. Competitive rates with no custody, deposit, withdrawal and inactivity fees, commitment to investor education and a comprehensive interface available through both mobile and desktop applications.


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