Exposing the Deceit: An In-depth Review of AskMyInfo

AskMyInfo: Scammer Review

In today's digital age, fraudulent schemes are proliferating at an alarming rate. One such entity operating under the guise of a trustworthy business venture is AskMyInfo. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of their operations, elucidating the reasons for our firm conviction that the said brand is a scam.

Registration Status of AskMyInfo

According to information available on their website, AskMyInfo claims to be registered in the United Kingdom. Ideally, this would mean that their details are readily accessible via the requisite regulatory bodies. However, this is far from the truth.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation, we found that there is no brokerage firm registered under this name in the UK. This implies that AskMyInfo operates without a broker's license, rendering their business activities illegal.

Moreover, the absence of official registration means that individuals who have entrusted their money to this fraudulent entity have no recourse for reclaiming their funds. While many victims may resort to reporting to the police, such cases often take a long time to resolve and seldom yield a positive outcome.

Absence of Documentation on AskMyInfo's Website

A prominent red flag on AskMyInfo's website is the complete absence of any documentation. There are no brokerage licenses or any other documents that could help users understand who exactly is offering them services.

In contrast, legitimate brokers invariably display electronic copies of their registration documents, permissions to operate in various countries, and contact details such as their legal address and office locations on their websites. This is an essential practice aimed at building client trust and symbolising that they are an official, reliable company that will not disappear with your money at the first opportunity.

AskMyInfo, on the other hand, will reassure you that they possess all necessary documents and registrations, they just haven't published them on their website. Their reason? Apparently, they are just that modest.

Terms of Engagement with AskMyInfo

A quick glance at the FAQ section on their website is enough to convince any discerning individual that they are dealing with scammers. Here, AskMyInfo claims to provide Forex trading services and simultaneously engage in cloud mining - two vastly different fields of operation.

Furthermore, they assert that cloud mining allows you to earn cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) without the need for mining equipment, software, and electricity expenditure. This is a complete fallacy. Cloud mining is a service that lets you rent server power for mining cryptocurrency.

As such, mining requires:

  • A server
  • Specialised software
  • Electricity

Such misleading information is targeted at individuals who have never invested before, and lack knowledge about cryptocurrency and mining.

AskMyInfo also advertises a minimum deposit amount of one dollar. This is more laughable than believable. With such a deposit amount, the broker would incur losses just for the account's existence.

True to their contradictory nature, their homepage states that the minimum amount in their tariff plans is 20 dollars. Although closer to reality, it's still an incredibly low figure.

Additionally, the broker does not charge a commission for account replenishment or money withdrawal. This begs the question - how do they generate revenue?

In conclusion, every aspect of their website screams that AskMyInfo is a scam.

Final Words

We strongly advise against associating with this company. If you have already entrusted your money to AskMyInfo or similar scam entities, please contact us. We are more than happy to assist you in reclaiming your funds and can recommend competent lawyers who can cause significant trouble for these fraudsters.

In this era of digital commerce, it is crucial to be vigilant and informed. We hope that this review of AskMyInfo serves as a useful guide in identifying potential scams and taking necessary precautions. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.

Stay safe and invest wisely!


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