Beware! Fortuna Markets broker: scammer

Fortuna Markets: A Forex Scam Unveiled

A trader's success is significantly influenced by the choice of broker. The broker is the conduit that connects individual traders to the stock market, with their service quality directly affecting the trader's potential earnings. Regrettably, the Forex market is littered with deceitful brokers who not only engage in technical manipulations but also indulge in the propagation of counterfeit news. One such company is Fortuna Markets.

Trader's Nightmare: Fortuna Markets

Many clients have fallen victim to the unethical practices of Fortuna Markets. The internet is teeming with negative reviews, warning potential traders of the risks associated with this service. This broker operates without valid licenses, demonstrates unprofessional behaviour, breaches regulatory rules, and withholds payouts. Their customer service is unresponsive, and their website leaves much to be desired. The terms and conditions of using their service are unclear, and they lure unsuspecting traders with low commissions and false promises of zero risks. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that Fortuna Markets is a scam, and trusting them would be a mistake.

The Disastrous Consequences of Trusting Fortuna Markets

If you open an account with this company, you stand to lose your money and gain a negative trading experience as you'll struggle to withdraw your earnings. The service, despite its recent establishment, falsely claims years of operation and millions of accounts. These false claims are a clear indication of deceit, further solidifying the notion that Fortuna Markets is a scam.

Deceptive Practices of Fortuna Markets

Fortuna Markets operates without any legal documentation to substantiate its legitimacy. Their website lacks any legal information, and they never provide any financial reports. Their history is dubious, filled with gaps and inconsistencies. They employ bots to publish "positive" reviews and have been found guilty of price manipulations. They artificially inflate and deflate the prices of certain stocks, thereby creating false market signals for investors.

More Unethical Practices Employed by Fortuna Markets:

  • Spreading False Information: They regularly publish misleading reports and recommendations on their website and social media platforms, thereby misguiding traders.
  • Engaging in Spoofing: They simulate futures purchase/sale orders at reduced prices, creating a false impression of a price drop.
  • Artificial Demand Creation: They use computer programs for buying and selling, influencing the prices of financial instruments, and increasing investor interest.
  • Use of Fictitious Investment Schemes: They guarantee instant income through investment in non-existent products. They also regularly showcase false client results.

Fortuna Markets: A Bogus Broker

With Fortuna Markets, there is no transparency, profit-making is overstated, and dubious withdrawal methods are proposed. Their employees initiate contact, aggressively promoting their services. They behave unprofessionally, send daily bulk messages via social media, messengers, and email, offering implausible conditions in an attempt to lure unsuspecting victims with potential high profits and low commissions.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Fortuna Markets

The service has numerous negative reviews from clients who have suffered from their dishonest actions. Almost no one has been able to withdraw money, and there have been instances of pressure from their employees. Their support service is non-operational, and mobile trading is underdeveloped. They have been known to impose additional charges not specified in the contract. Risks are never communicated, and their website displays outdated quotes.

Reasons to Avoid Fortuna Markets:

  1. Lack of financial reports
  2. Dubious conditions
  3. Hidden user agreement
  4. Absence of licenses, legal documents, and contact information on the website
  5. The brand has been in existence for less than a month
  6. No provision for training
  7. Price manipulation
  8. Promotion of non-existent investment products

The company violates regulatory standards, continuously deceives clients, fails to meet its obligations, aggressively makes unsolicited calls, and does not make payouts. It is advisable to avoid any dealings with this broker as it is a classic Forex scam.

Please be aware of Fortuna Markets and similar fraudulent entities. Always do thorough research before investing your hard-earned money with any broker.


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