Scam Brokers: Know them by sight so you don't fall into a trap

List of Scam Brokers: Blacklisted Companies

There are many Forex brokers in the Forex market today that claim to be legitimate, but are actually scammers. At first glance, it may seem impossible to distinguish these fraudulent brokers from legitimate brokers. However, there are some characteristics that can help traders recognize bogus brokerage companies in the market.

How to recognize a fraudulent broker

There are three main things to look out for when it comes to identifying fraudulent brokers. These include:

  • Lack of reputable regulation - as a general rule, brokers that lack regulation or are regulated by a weak regulator are more likely to be fraudsters.
  • Lack of proof of withdrawals - most fraudulent brokers do not pay withdrawal requests. Therefore, clients of such brokers cannot confirm that the withdrawal process was successful.
  • Falsified information - most fraud brokers lie about various things. They lie about their regulatory status, start date and address. They may also announce false rewards on their websites.

You should only invest in tier one brokers who have regulatory status with a world class organization. Such brokers control their activities and are not allowed to engage in criminal activities. Therefore, the broker's regulatory status is probably the most important characteristic to look for on a broker's website. However, regulation alone is not enough: Forex brokers must prove that they can provide their services in a fair and legal environment.

Wayven FX Limited

Wayven FX Limited was recently placed on the FCA's warning list for one of the most vicious Forex broker offenses. The broker openly impersonates another company authorized by the FCA and passes off that company's license as its own. Wayven FX Limited's website contains screenshots of the FCA license it purports to hold. The company claims that the license is its own. In fact, the license screenshot shown belongs to AMT Futures Limited.

Wayven FX Limited is a company that traders should avoid. When a company lies about its policies, it is impossible to understand what it intends to do to steal money from investors. Moreover, the company even lies about its founding date. The company claims that it started in 2002. However, according to Whois, the website was launched in 2023. This begs the question as to why it took the founders so long to launch the site. Perhaps there is some missing information here.

In any case, this brokerage company should be bypassed. It does not have a real regulator's license and mimics a real regulated firm. Also, the company's website is very new and they have yet to prove their legitimacy in the market.

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Spotinvest claims that it has regulatory documents in all the jurisdictions in which it operates. However, the company is unwilling to provide details of the licenses it holds. Moreover, the FCA has put the company on its warning list as a clone of another firm with an FCA license. Forex brokers posing as other firms should not be trusted by any investor.

The FCA specifically notes that this is a method used by firms to convince people that they are genuine authorized firms. Therefore, investing in such brokers is risky and can result in losing your hard-earned money. Moreover, such brokers work without supervision and can lie about almost anything.

There is no proof of payouts from this broker. Moreover, the company's website specifies the methods that customers can use to fund their accounts, but it does not say anything about withdrawals. To protect yourself, you should avoid this company at all costs. You should not trust brokers that are on the warning lists of the world's leading regulators.


Winfxmarkets is on the FCA warning list for different reasons than the brokers listed above; the FCA considers this broker to be providing services in the UK without authorization. There are a number of risks associated with working with such brokers. Operating in a jurisdiction without a license from the relevant authority in that jurisdiction shows that the firm is not complying with financial legislation.

The risks associated with working with unregulated brokers far outweigh the potential benefits. Using such brokers means that you have no one to protect you from unauthorized trades. If you lose your funds, you have no protection from the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Therefore, there is no way to recover your funds.

OCD Finances

OCD Finances is another company that was quick to get on the regulator's warning list. The company launched its website in January 2023 boasting that it has licenses from top regulators including the FCA, CySEC and ASIC. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, OCD Finances is already on the CySEC warning list for operating in a jurisdiction without a license.

The broker claims to offer fast order execution, integration with TradingView and a collection of popular assets. Among the assets the broker offers are Forex, cryptocurrencies, metals and indices. For a regulated broker, such a feature would be very attractive.

However, for this broker to lie about having a regulated license is a serious violation. Providing financial services in a jurisdiction without authorization from the relevant authorities is a serious red flag. At a minimum, it shows a clear disregard for the needs and rights of investors. To protect yourself, you should heed CySEC warnings and avoid this broker.


Experienced traders with a long track record will find this domain very familiar. Unfortunately, this is not a mistake, but rather an oversight. The company behind this domain mimics another regulated company that has been on the market for over 20 years. The imitated company is HYCM, which operates under the domain This is why this cloned company's domain was placed on the CySEC warning list.

Unfortunately, hycmcapitalmarkets is not just imitating other brokers. The company has gone so far as to present rules that do not belong to it. There is no excuse for such behavior. It is obvious that this broker does not respect the law and goes to extreme measures to convince unsuspecting traders to invest.

Investing in this broker is a very risky move. As soon as you log in, you are told that you can only transfer money to the company's bitcoin wallet. No other deposit methods are supported. Unfortunately, using bitcoin for deposits means that transactions cannot be canceled or tracked. Therefore, the people behind this company remain pseudonymous, making it difficult to take legal action against them. Even if you ignore all these red flags, you should still avoid brokers that have made it to the regulator's warning list.

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MGM-Markets is another company that has made it to the regulator's warning list. MGM-Markets made it to the list because it impersonated another company regulated by ASIC.

Operating without a license from the regulator is bad in itself. However, impersonating another company just to defraud the legal process is disgusting. A company that fakes its identity should be banished. Furthermore, this company is operating without regulations. This in itself is a violation and makes the company a risky investment.

Among the assets that MGM-Markets promises its clients are Forex pairs, indices and cryptocurrencies. The opportunity to invest in several market instruments at once is attractive. However, in this case, none of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of investing in an unregulated organization. Simply put, heed ASIC's warnings and avoid this company.

HBC Brokers

HBC Brokers is another broker that promises clients a wide range of trading instruments. This broker claims to offer clients access to foreign exchange and cryptocurrency assets. To attract customers, the broker promises a welcome bonus of 50-100% depending on which account the customer is in. Access to multiple markets and welcome bonuses are two very attractive features.

However, these features are not enough for a broker to gain the full trust of investors. The broker still needs to demonstrate its commitment to provide quality services to its clients in a legal and honest environment. Unfortunately, this broker has not done so. Moreover, ASIC lists it as one of the companies that investors should not do business with.

Specifically, ASIC notes that this broker operates in a jurisdiction without a license. Needless to say, this is a criminal offense and any professional broker knows this. This is reason enough to avoid this broker at all costs.


There are too many Forex broker scams in the market today. Many companies have entered the market pretending to offer quality services to investors. That is why many regulators have tried to compile a list of the worst offenders. In this article, we have highlighted Forex brokers from the warning lists of FCA, CySEC and ASIC. However, other prominent regulators such as CONOB also issue warning lists.

To protect yourself, you should avoid companies that are on any regulator's warning lists. The warning lists are constantly updated and investors should keep a close eye on which brokers are on these lists. Most brokers, once on these lists, close up store and come back with a new website and name. Moreover, some brokers who have made it to these lists may have already closed their sites by the time you are reading this article and are preparing to come back under a new name. Therefore, always check the company's statement of regulatory requirements with the relevant regulatory body.



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